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VEGGICARE : During this pandemic of Corona (covid 19), Food safety, fruits and vegetable care is becoming prime importance. It started to becoming norms in household to clean food items such as vegetables , fruits and even meat from any contamination before consumption.

In  foreign countries they are many prevalent practices to clean vegetables through ozone vegetable purifiers and ultrasonic cleaning machine, these practices helps to clean off dirt and remove pathogens from vegetables.

Have you ever thought to bring down the toxic pesticide residue level from consumable fruits and vegetables in compliance with European and American standard? If yes, there is very innovative and novel method to serve your purpose.

Dhruv Proteins has introduced ” VEGGICARE” a novel and innovative formulation to bring down the pesticide residue level from fresh fruits and vegetable. This pesticide residues poses great harm to human body by causing innumerable diseases.




  • As most of the pesticides are in-soluble in water hence it cannot be removed  with simple water washing.
  • Highly toxic, persistent and non
  • degradable pesticides pose major threat to human being hence it becomes the precursor of cancer and other gastro enterological diseases.
  • Washing with normal water with and rubbing by hand will only remove superficial dirt, which can not remove Fruits & Vegetable Washing Gel dirt from crevices.
  • Only removal of toxic substances are not enough  to protect the environment Casting Virus, Fuge Bacon Fruits & Vegetable but to knock-down the devil is the only solution which Veggi care perform efficiently.

VEGGICARE oxidizes the targeted fruits & Vegetable.

Benefits of ” VEGGI CARE” use-

  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Removes dirt and disease causing fungus and bacterial.
  • Removes and decompose the toxic pesticide residues.
  • Flavor and aroma used to be intact.
  • All nutrient stabilize, hence no nutrient leaching out will be occurred.
  • Knock down effect on most of the pesticide residue.
  • Veggi care can equally be effective on meat (in India meat is produced in most unhygienic way)
  • All ingredient is food grade.
  • No harmful chemicals.
  • Economical (a single bottle (100ml) can last for 1 month for the family of 5)
  • Shelf life of fruits and vegetable increases dramatically.
  • Every corner of the target food used to be effectively serviced and safer for human consumption.

How to use

Add 10-15 ml. of Veggi care in 1-1.5 lts of washing water and dip fruits and vegetable for 10 minutes for better result. Now your Fruits & Vegetables Veggi are safe & hygienic. III CARE

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